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Divine Home Presentations, a Colorado firm, works with Builders, Owners, Brokers and Agents to assist them in expediting the sale of their Vacant Homes. We do this by taking the ‘vacant’ home and staging the house as a Model Home, using elegant furniture and furnishings.  The actual work involved is: finding the ‘right’ furniture for the particular home, getting it delivered, once delivered – all furniture, furnishings and art are all placed and hung where they belong to look like a Model Home (staging).

With Divine Home Presentations the Builder, Owner, Broker/Agent paying nothing up front.  Fees are paid at closing for Divine Home Presentations to help market your home above all the vacant and bland homes.

How can Divine Home Presentations afford such a payment plan?? 

Divine Home Presentations owns all of its own furnishings and never uses scratch and dent rental furnishings and decor.  While focusing exclusively on Vacant listings all furnishings are new and elegant without the wear and tear of lived in homes.


Divine Home Presentations earns a fee at closing or termination of agreement. We work closely with the Real Estate Broker / Agent – to ensure that we help make their job easier.











Divine Home Presentations can also handle any minor repairs, remodeling and upgrades to the home.   We will provide a punch list to the Builder/Owner/Agent/Broker of items that a prospective Buyer might notice, to assure that the Builder/Owner is aware of issues that might need to be addressed to ensure expedited sale.


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